27 January, 2015

Hello Again - Here's a tiny studio tour!

Well hello there blogland! It sure has been a while... 

If you follow me on instagram you might already know a bit about what I've been up to these past few months. If you don't, then thanks for sticking around all this time! Here's a plot summary:

1. Got a job in a fabric store with an amazing team of people and a 15% staff discount!
2. Moved house! Bean was not a fan.
3 & 4. Hosted Christmas in the new apartment, finished another year of study, made it through the Christmas rush custom orders and worked on improving the business.
5. Felt generally overwhelmed by all of the above.

Tiny Studio Tour

Now that things are finally back on track, I thought I'd start by showing off the tiny new Fozzel & Bean headquarters!

The new office takes up one corner of my sunny living room, which so far is working pretty well. It's a great incentive to keep everything tidy, and it's wonderfully close to coffee making facilities. It's still slightly in progress - I will need more yarn storage fairly soon, and I can't decide what to hang on the wall over the desk!

I use kraft tubs to store circular needles, shipping stationary and other supplies. The bookshelf stores current inventory, various works in progress, and balls of yarn that are either to large or too beautiful to keep stored away. The rest of my yarn is stored in large boxes (on the left), separated by weight/ply.
The silver feature wall is an amazing example of rental luck. It gets great natural light in the afternoon, and is now the backdrop for my item photography!

I've decided to keep my sewing stuff completely separate from the business. It keeps me from getting distracted by unfinished projects, and it means that I am only surrounded by the tools I need. I'll share my sewing "studio" another time - it lives in the corner of another room and is still in need of some attention!   

Do you guys love staring at other people's office spaces as much as I do? I'd love to hear your favourite tips for staying productive :)

It's so nice to be back!